Words from Our Patients
"I want to thank Andi and the staff at ALL Body Therapy for helping me with a wonderful recovery. I broke both legs, femur and fibula on the left and tibia and fibula on the right. Aquatic therapy allowed me to begin strengthening right away, minimizing my atrophy!" David A.
"Andi and the staff are great! Love having the option to use wather therapy in Jackson with skilled people!" Janessa P.

Rehabilitation is a serious undertaking and requires trained professionals to guide you through every step of the difficult process of recovery. At ALL Body Therapy, you work one-on-one with a Physical Therapist at all times.

We believe this individual attention directly contributes to the success, speed and quality of recovery. Treatment plans are modified at every visit by a Phyiscal Therapist to provide optimum results.

We are committed to helping peopole achieve their goals and reach maximum potential.

Hearing Andi’s story provides some insight behind the passion she has for her profession. She became a Physical Therapist by chance. Her parents had a private airplane accident in 1993; both survived the ordeal. Her mother was not injured, but her father sustained a spinal cord injury. Andi quit her sports marketing job to assist with her father's rehabilitation. As she followed him through the rehabilitation process, she learned something about an extraordinary group of people. Physical Therapists are not just exercise teachers; they are compassionate caring individuals. When her father finished his rehabilitation, she returned to school to answer her calling. After spending 15 years away from Jackson, she returned with the desire to raise her two daughters in a small town and to be near her family. After working in many different PT settings, Aquatic Therapy has become her passion. Her state of the art therapy pool helps her deliver the care her patients need. Over the past few years, she has been investigating ways to accelerating the healing process. This has prompted her to integrate Cold Laser and Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy into her clinic. She sincerely enjoys helping people tackle the difficult job of rehabilitation and feels lucky to have such a rewarding job.

Passionate About Physical Therapy

Andi Lewis, Owner

Jenelle Sullivan

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